Exalco’s new campaign from ORANGE starring Antonis Sroiter!

Antonis Sroiter and a house at the edge of the cliff, “dressed” with the advanced technology systems of EXALCO… starring at the new campaign of EXALCO created by Orange Advertising. The advance of technology, the protection assurance and the energy saving, three values associated with EXALCO, are being communicated through the film since they are those that had led EXALCO at the top of the trends. Antonis Sroiter, with the validity and the reliability of his presence, highlights exclusively these values and the message of the campaign “At the top of the trends”
The film was done in production of STEFI directed by Haris Vafeiadis, director of photography Antonis Zkeris, at a house located in an isolated area at the city of Chania, fully equipped with the aluminum systems of EXALCO. It is about a house with almost no walls at all… which is fully protected and at the same time has top quality and aesthetic due to the technology and the aesthetic of EXALCO.